MV-Tuotteet Oy

MV-Tuotteet Oy is in the field of industrial machinery and engineering, and we manufacture machines, equipment and hydraulics in Southern Finland. We manufacture products with customers's drawings as well as according to our own plans. The products we manufacture vary from little parts to large entireties. We also assist customers with product development as needed. The most used manufacturing materials are steel, stainless steel, acid proof steel and aluminium. We can cut, saw, bend, weld, mechanise and finish the materials to meet the customer expectations.

We pride on our competent and professional staff. We believe in steady and persistent collaboration. Our goal is to provide our clients with flexible service, despite the size of the project. We welcome clients with the need for small individual components as well as entire production lines. Our policy for product development is to work together with the client in order to achieve the best results. An efficient product development process together with our customers expedites the completion of the product and minimizes the chance of delay.